Over Easter weekend, Cyclone Seroja devastated Timor Leste causing powerful flooding which claimed 42 lives and damaged more than 25,000 homes. The raging waters engulfed households, belongings and critical infrastructure leaving thousands homeless and livelihoods ruined.

Immediately, Carmel Impact organised an emergency appeal to support those suffering, which saw over $141,000 AUD donated by everyday Australians and our international supporters to help our struggling Timor-Leste neighbours. This financial support together with the Carmelite team on the ground has helped to provide immediate relief to flood-affected families.

Carmel Impact and the Carmelites have dedicated themselves to serving people in need for over eight centuries. In the aftermath of the floods that ravished the Timorese countryside in April, we worked to provide urgent relief to flood-affected families. We were humbled by the generosity and support of our caring donors who instantly heeded the call and gave donations and hope to the Timorese devastated by the floods.