Carmel Impact

Carmel Impact is a Christian charity working to support rural communities in Timor-Leste through education, youth engagement, and leadership development programs. Our work is based on grass-roots relationships built over many years of living within the communities we support.

Our Story

Over 800 Years of Serving People in Need

Carmel Impact was established in 2020 and builds on The Carmelites’ legacy achieved through over eight centuries of serving humanity, including helping the people of Timor-Leste. With a wealth of local knowledge, we focus on supporting local communities through our schools, scholarships, and community programs. Our goal is to transform lives and build stronger communities in this impoverished nation.

Supporting the People of Timor-Leste

Our commitment to Timor began in 2001 when the Australian Province of Carmelites voted to accept responsibility for the Timor-Leste Mission and later became the Carmelites of Australia and Timor-Leste. During their first visit to Timor in 2001, the Carmelite friars travelled to Zumalai where they were greeted with much celebration by the village residents. The Carmelites formalised their partnership with the community and began laying the foundation for the development programs that lie at the heart of Carmel Impact.

The Carmelites heard the pleas of a local village elder:

The Carmelites are the light in our darkness. While you’ve been here our children have the possibility of an education. Our mothers, babies, and community have medical help. If you’re not here, there is nothing.’

We have stayed committed to this appeal.

Programs Designed to Break the Cycle of Poverty

From the very beginning our priority was to build strong relationships with local leaders and people, carefully listening to their needs, and responding in both practical and pastoral ways to ensure the wellbeing of those we serve. Over time we have assisted with agricultural, health, women’s cooperatives, youth, and education programs. Youth and education have remained our core focus, as we believe these areas are the essential building blocks for genuine prosperity.

We are committed to creating lasting, positive change in Timor-Leste, working towards building a future where the cycle of poverty gripping this nation can finally be broken. Your donation can help make a massive difference to so many people’s lives. Join Carmel Impact now!


Transforming lives through education and community engagement to build a brighter future for communities in Timor-Leste.


Transforming Lives – Building Communities – Together

Education is the key to opportunity and possibility. Carmel Impact works to help educate children and young adults to develop the skills and knowledge required to reach their true potential.

With your support we can help empower this young nation via education, youth engagement, and leadership development.

Our Core Values

We are dedicated in our service to all people in God’s world. Through our patron, Mary, her wisdom guides us to embrace these values:


We’re a people of mercy and compassion, strong in justice, and in our care for all people. 


We share our gifts for ministry, and service with our community.


We engage with people openly, fostering a relationship of mutual enrichment, understanding, solidarity, respect, and participation.


With humility, we receive resources entrusted to us and work conscientiously and responsibly with communities.