Earlier this year, Zumalai was devastated by floods, leaving families without homes, and communities without vital infrastructure. YOU were the difference.

Helping Zumalai rebuild after the floods

In July 2023, floods devastated many communities in the Zumalai province. Houses, schools, churches, and stores were either washed away or badly damaged. Seasonal crops were destroyed leaving communities facing the prospect of going without food.

You responded with generosity and compassion, enabling families and communities to rebuild. Here’s how you helped:

Stage 1 – Stepping into immediate action (August 2023)

226 families in the villages of Zumalai, Lour and Zulo each received 20kg sack of rice, bucket, towels, bars of soap, washing detergent, cutlery and crockery.

Stage 2 – Continuing our support (September 2023)

Families continued to receive staple food items such as 20kg sacks of rice, along with tools to rebuild their homes, to cultivate and plant seeds on their farmlands.

Stage 3 – Ensuring their livelihoods (November / December 2023)

As farmlands slowly recover and seeds grow, families continue to receive more staple food items, including additional 20kg sacks of rice, along with noodles, oil, salt, sugar and tea to see them through this period. Total distribution provided to affected families and communities equates to $30,000USD (or $45,000AUD approximately).